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The present rules regulate the use of the web Portal (in forward, this "Portal") that Lopez Mouldings puts at the disposal of the Internet users. The utilization of the Portal expresses the acceptance of the user of each and every of the rules that continue, for what the user must read them in each of the occasions in which it proposes to use the Portal.

The request of information of certain services carries the obtaining of information of personal character. The legal information corresponding to the obtaining of information of personal character is in Politics of Privacy.

Lopez Mouldings saves itself the right to effect without previous notice the modifications that it considers to be opportune in the presentation, configuration, services, elements, contents or conditions needed to use the Portal.


All the rights of industrial and intellectual property of the Portal and of the elements and contents of the same one, anyone that is his typology, belong to Lopez Mouldings. The user will be able to visualize such elements and contents and even to stamp them, to copy them and to store them on the hard disk of his computer or in any other physical support, always and when it is only and exclusively for his personal and private use, remaining, therefore, finally prohibited his utilization with commercial ends, his distribution, as well as his modification, or alteration.

The user will use the elements or contents of diligent, correct and lawful form and, especially, he promises to abstain of:

  • To use Them of form, with ends or effects opposite to the law, to the morality and to the good generally accepted customs or to the public order.
  • To reproduce, transform, modify, distribute or to allow the access of the public across any modality of public communication, until counts himself with the authorization of Lopez Moulings.
  • To suppress, eludes or to manipulate the "Copyright" and other information of the rights of Lopez Mouldings or of third parties incorporated into the elements.

Access to the Portal

The access to the Portal is free, nevertheless Lopez Mouldings reserves some of the Services offered across the Portal to the users registered of Lopez Mouldings. Nevertheless, Lopez Mouldings puts at the disposal of the certain users Services which utilization needs the fulling of additional records on the part of the users. In both cases you promise to use and preserve your user's name and your password (in forward the " Keys of Access ") of conformity with the established in the following points:

  • The Keys of Access will be assigned automatically by Lopez Mouldings. The assignment of the Keys of Access takes place in an automatic way and the only criterion used to the effect is the nonexistence of a few previous Keys of Access that are identical to the chosen ones for the user.
  • The user promises to do a diligent use of the Keys of Access, as well as not to put at the disposal of third parties his Keys of Access.
  • The user promises to communicate to Lopez Mouldings to the major briefness the loss or theft of the Keys of Access as well as any risk of access to the same ones for a third party.


The user promises to do a suitable use of the contents and services that offer across this Portal and not to use them for:

  • to incur illicit, activities illegal or opposite to the good faith and to the public order.
  • to spread contents or propaganda, pornographic - illegal of racist, xenophobic character, of apology of the terrorism or unlawfully against the human rights.
  • to provoke hurts in physical and logical systems of Lopez Mouldings, of his suppliers or of third persons, to introduce or to spread in the network virus IT or any other physical or logical systems that are capable of provoking the hurts previously mentioned.
  • To try to accede and, in his case, to use the accounts of e-mail of other users or personal services and to modify or to manipulate his messages or content.
  • to realize spamming or sending of e-mail not requested across this Portal.
  • to realize any other use that of any form they could damage, render useless, overload or spoil the Portal or the services or prevent the normal utilization or enjoyment of the Portal or of the services on the part of the users.

Lopez Mouldings does not have obligation to control and does not control the utilization that the users do of the Portal, of the services and of the contents. Lopez Mouldings excludes any responsibility for the hurts and prejudices of any nature that could owe to the utilization of the services and of the contents on the part of the users.

The user will be responsible for the infractions which it could incur or of the prejudices that it causes in his use, freeing to Lopez Mouldings of any responsibility and assuming all the expenses that could incur to Lopez Mouldings for claims of third parties.

Links, Hyperlinks and MetaTags

This Portal puts at the disposal of the users technical devices of link (links, banners, buttons), directories and tools of search that they allow to the users to accede to web sites belonging to third parties. The above mentioned links have as only aim facilitate to the users the access to other contents and available information in Internet. Lopez Mouldings, it neither turns into publisher of the above mentioned contents nor controls them before, passes, monitors does not even do own. The user, therefore, must carry to extremes the prudence in the valuation and utilization of the information, contents and existing services in the connected sites Lopez Mouldings does not assume any type of responsibility for the hurts and prejudices of all kinds that could stem from the quality, reliability, accuracy, correction, functioning, availability, accessibility, continuity, legality, usefulness or any other aspect of the information and services of the above mentioned contents.

There remains prohibited the utilization of the brands or names ownership of Lopez Mouldings for the optimization of the seekers of the network, so much by means of his incorporation in code of the web pages as by means of his incorporation in the key words of the banners.

Any third party that a hyperlink proposes to realize or hyperlink with this Portal will have to possess the previous authorization of Lopez Mouldings In any case the establishment of the Hyperlink there does not involve the existence of relations between Lopez Mouldings and the owner of the web page from the one that one proceeds.

Exclusions of Responsibilities and guarantees

Lopez Mouldings will put all the means in order that it does not happen but it does not guarantee:

  • The availability and continuity of the functioning of the Portal and of the services.
  • The privacy and safety in the utilization of the Portal and of the Services.
  • That third not authorized could not have knowledge of the class, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of the use that the users do of the Portal and of the services.
  • The absence of virus not of other elements in the Portal that alterations could produce in his IT system, excluding any responsibility for the hurts and prejudices of any nature that could owe for such a lack of availability.
  • The legality, reliability and usefulness of the elements and the contents.

Lopez Mouldings excludes any responsibility that one could sterm from above mentioned circumstances.

Retreat of the access

Lopez Mouldings saves himself the right to refuse or withdraw the access to the Portal and / or to the Services, at any time and without need of notice from those users who break these procedures.

General Information

In fulfillment of arranged in the article 10 of the Law 34/2002, of July 11, of Services of the Company of the Information and Electronic Trade, there puts at the disposal of the Users on the general relative information Lopez Mouldings:

Molduras Enrique López S.A.
CIF A-30014211
Autovía A-7, Km. 585, 30892 Librilla (Murcia)
Teléfono : 968 65 76 16
Fax: 968 65 76 17
Inscribed in the mercantile Record of Murcia, Book 23, Section 3 ª, I Foliate 23, Leaf nº379, Inscrip. 1 ª date 10-8-71.

Law and Jurisdiction

Ensue from application the Laws of the Kingdom of Spain. One entrusts the interpretation of the procedure to the Courts of Murcia.


In case any third party thinks that there exist facts or circumstances illicit or capable of being considered to be illicit it is requested communicate it to the following e-mail: comer@lopezmold.coma


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